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Oxfordshire Based Zimasa Vodka Celebrates Silver Award

Zimasa Vodka, inspired by Zimbabwe and based in Oxfordshire, wins prestigious award at 2024 London Spirits Competition.
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At the 7th London Spirits Competition, held in London on 20th and 21st March, Zimasa proudly took home a silver medal, considered a seal of approval in the global spirits industry. To achieve this distinction, Zimasa Vodka needed high scores in three categories: Quality, Value and Packaging.

In contrast to other spirits competitions that often prioritise distilling ability and technical expertise over drinkability, the London Spirits Competition aims to recognise and celebrate the spirits that consumers actually want to buy, whether from a retail store or off a menu at a restaurant. What sets the London Spirits Competition apart is its judging process. It goes beyond blind tasting to determine medal winners. First, judges evaluate the spirits’ label, design, and packaging, assigning a portion of the score based on visual appeal, storytelling effectiveness, and how well the brand’s overall presentation aligns with its price point and perceived value for money.

Who were the Judges?
The London Spirits Competition is judged by a panel of leading spirits buyers with current commercial buying experience, or spirits consultants and experts directly involved in developing new spirit brands or purchasing spirits for resale. Judges represent a diverse range of channels and disciplines, including multiple retailers, convenience stores, distributors, on-trade groups, casual and fine dining establishments, hospitality, and the travel industry.

“The authority of a London Spirits Competition award comes from the power of being judged across quality, value, and appearance, the high calibre of the judges, and the intensely competitive product set. We are thrilled that our Zimasa Vodka performed so well,” said Zororo Mubaya, Co-Founder and Director “This Silver medal demonstrates that we are creating the types of spirits that bar managers and mixologists want to use, and spirits that drinkers enjoy choosing and consuming.”

About Zimasa Vodka
Inspired by the intoxicating and illegal Zimbabwean drink Kachasu, Zimasa founders, originating from Zimbabwe but now based in South Oxfordshire, crafted a legal, yet still enjoyable, alternative – an undeniably smooth vodka named after Zimbabwe and Masau. This exquisite spirit, perfect for sipping neat or in cocktails, strikes a harmonious balance between sweetness and boldness.

Crafted through a meticulous small-batch process, the vodka undergoes 6 distillations for unparalleled quality. Master Distiller Dai Wakely of Hensol Castle Distillery sources clear waters from the Brecon Beacons springs, infusing each bottle with the essence of Masau fruit, encapsulating Zimbabwean heritage. Beyond its exceptional taste, Zimasa remains dedicated to its roots through the Zororo Trust. Established by the Mubaya family in Murombedzi, Zimbabwe, this initiative supports education by providing school fees, uniforms, and stationery to students at Kawondera Primary School. Additionally, Zimasa has planted 50 Masau fruit trees at the school, further enriching the community.

For inquiries or to experience the award-winning Zimasa Vodka, please visit www.zimasavodka.co.uk

About the London Spirits Competition
The London Spirits Competition is unique in its evaluation of spirits based on quality, value, and packaging. The event is organized by Beverage Trade Network, which hosts industry events worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.londonspiritscompetition.com


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