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Oxford is famous for its universities (and, of course, its long-standing rivalry with Cambridge). It has always had a strong manufacturing base – Morris Motors was established in the city in 1910 and today, BMW manufacture the successful Mini brand in Cowley, a suburb of Oxford.

Gate Decoration. Oxford, England

Oxford has always had strong links with publishing. The world famous Oxford University Press is based in the city and, although it doesn’t have its own paper mill and printing house, it is still a major force in the publishing world. It publishes in many countries and in over forty languages.

There are many technology businesses in Oxford and Oxfordshire. Notable names include Oxford Instruments and Sophos. Sophos specialise in I.T. security products.

Brewing is another talent we have here in Oxford. many of the colleges had their own private breweries. There is a history of brewing in Oxfordshire sine the 1600s.

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