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Oxford Community Spirit Ranked Very Highly

Oxford's community spirit ranks third. A bronze in the Community Olympics! We'll take that.
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Oxford ranks well in a brand new study by Parkdean Resorts reveals the top 50 UK towns and cities with the greatest sense of community taking into account factors that denote an open and friendly community that anyone would want to be a part of.

Moving to a new place can be a daunting task. Not only are movers met with making new friends and integrating into a new community, but they also don’t know all the secrets of living in that area such as which are the best pubs or restaurants, the best walks, or where the locals like to hang out at the weekend. A friendly community can make moving just that much easier.

Generally people do their own research before moving into a new area but any information is helpful in making your final decision. Parkdean Resorts analysed the following criteria to assess which UK city ranked the friendliest and had the strongest sense of community:

How happy the residents are.

How safe the village, town or city is to live in.

Local Businesses
The number of local businesses in the area (presumably they meant independent businesses).

Community Activities
The number of community activities residents can get involved in.

Facebook Groups and Pages
The number of Facebook groups and pages dedicated to the area.

So how did our fair city rate?
You’ll be delighted to know good old Oxford came in 3rd. Respectable. But, as my old school report used to say, “room for improvement”.

Next time gold perhaps…

Just in case you were wondering who was at number one, it was our chums in Edinburgh.

What makes your Oxford life perfect?
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